Friday, June 20, 2008

Harvard Square WiFi

Free WiFi was recently installed in Harvard Square. Earlier today, I tried getting access to it and had a moderate amount of luck. The places I was able to get it working included:

  • in the little park just outside the Peet's Coffee on Mt. Auburn and JFK. The signal was ok there.
  • in the tea cafe adjacent to the Fire & Ice. The signal was rather spotty here; I was able to get a usable connection on one side of the cafe and not the other.

The free wifi did not work inside the Starbucks, which does provide WiFi, although it's rather expensive. It's supposed to get cheaper at some point soon. According to one Starbucks employee I talked to, 'maybe by September'. My fingers are crossed. I enjoy changing up where I work and am fortunate enough to be able to do so. Mixing the pervasiveness of Starbucks with reasonably-priced WiFi spots sounds good to me.