Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Google Maps

Note to self, when using Google maps to find a location, always double check the final address. Also be wary of abbreviations. I learned both lessons earlier today.

I really wanted to go here...

but ended up here.

The correct address was "281 Massachusetts Ave 02474", not "281 Mass Ave 02474". Both put me on the right street, but the the abbreviated one placed me a few miles down the road. Argh!

BTW, Lexington Eye Associates, which is where I headed to, have really nice eye doctors.


Darren Torpey said...

From following your links it looks like the ZIP code was different between them. That would seem to be the problem, but seems odd nonetheless.

David Ludwig said...

Hell, the two locations were in different towns! If it weren't for that, I'd probably still be looking for the office.

JOnathan Supnik said...

Yeah, I used to go to Lexington Eye Associates, back when I bothered with glasses. They do a good job.

They also have a branch office in Concord iirc.