Monday, May 15, 2006


  • It's still raining, and has been for the last week. Boston's North Shore region got pounded, with some areas getting up to 18" of rain. The house I live in (in the Metrowest area) has a small amount of water in the basement, but not much; no more than a quarter of an inch deep, and only in one spot. That spot happens to be under part of the server table though. It doesn't appear to be growing though, which is good.

  • I just got Purple Motion's new CD in the mail. It's very good. If you liked demoscene-type stuff, it's a good buy. (Purple Motion wrote music for Future Crew, who did the PC/DOS demo, Second Reality.) Included on his CD are some new stuff and some remixes of old stuff, including a remix of his contribution to Second Reality. It's very good, although I prefer the original version. The remix of Starshine is awesome though.

  • The New Super Mario Bros comes out today [for the DS]. A local EB Games didn't have it, and won't until tomorrow. Grrr.

    Another new Mario Bros game, Super Mario Galaxy, might be a launch title for the Nintendo Wii.

  • A new beta of VSLua was released recently. VSLua allows Lua code to be debugged from within Visual Studio. This is the first version to support the use of custom Lua dlls, something the previous beta did not have, and a requirement for the code I work on. (I use LuaPlus, a C++ interface to the C-based Lua API.)


Favour said...

Hey. You don't know me, I came accross this while searhing for Mario. I noticed you got a Purple Motion CD. I am a huge fan from back way back. How did you go about ordering it? The PM website doesnt have a whole lot on it.

David Ludwig said...

I got an invoice shortly after filling in the form on the website. This invoice contained a URL which led to a more complete order form. All in all, the order took a long time to process (several weeks.)