Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Die, Win98, Die

Win98... has to die. Really. I realize there are people out there who like it, and still use it as a gaming platform. You guys suck. Writing good Windows API code is enough of a pain, writing good Windows 98 code is worse. Case in point: IDirectDraw7::SetDisplayMode seems to like to crash on Win98 if a custom window procedure is set. If the default window procedure (DefWindowProc) is set, it works fine, but try to set a custom wndproc and it dies, under Win98 at least. Doesn't matter if that wndproc does nothing but call DefWindowProc.

Now then, I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for why this happens, except I'm lazy, and like things to Just Work(tm). The more time I spend with Win98, the more happy I am to see its userbase shrink. For the casual games market, however, it's probably years away from being dead enough to ignore.

Anyways, if you like video game music, check out Radio GOSU, a good internet radio station which only plays video game music, mostly classic stuff too.

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