Sunday, November 27, 2005

Carpal Tunnel

Lately, the carpal tunnel in my right arm has been flaring up. My initial response was to ignore it, which wasn't the greatest option. My new response has been to research it. In this process, I found a cool freeware program called Workrave. It's a little applet that sits in my Windows taskbar and tells me to do things like, "take a microbreak", or "take a long break", which to my understanding, can help reduce Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by quite a bit in the long run. The constant stream of breaks will take a bit of getting used to, given that I usually hate being interrupted when I'm coding and "in the zone", but I don't expect any problems with that.

Now I just need a program that says, "make yourself a sandwich and eat damnit", every now and then, optionally with a "pretzels are not a meal" dialog box.

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