Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Long before Wikipedia existed, there was the Portland Pattern Repository's Wiki, aka. the birthplace of the "wiki", aka. "C2". It's content is still quite relevant, and when it comes to information on software development, it can't be beat.

I've visited the C2 wiki before, but recently went back after reading through some Wikipedia articles on software development. Here were some of my favorite finds:

  • Systems As Living Things
  • People Projects And Patterns, a good starting point for browsing.
  • Anti Patterns Catalog, which lists a variety of ways that software development projects can go wrong.
  • Truck Number and Truck Number Fixed. What if someone on a development project gets hit by a truck? What if it were more than one person?
  • WikiPedia: A C2 look at it's younger and bigger brother.
  • Beer O'clock
  • Random Pages, which according to the page, is an autogenerated list of random wiki links. Reloading the page didn't seem to give a different set of links, nor was trying to load the page in a different browser (IE instead of Firefox.) Perhaps it's on a timer, I don't know. Regardless, the set of links I was presented with had some interesting content.


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